How to Prepare for CLAT PG

CLAT PG is an educational entrance exam that stands for Common-Law Admission Test for Postgraduate that is conducted in India in a centralized form. Moreover, it helps the candidates to get admission or entry in numerous PG courses that are offered in 21 National Law Universities in India for the course of LLM. Additionally, the CLAT exam was conducted online in 2020 and the level of difficulty was moderate.

Latest Updates
January 6, 2021: The examination for CLAT-PG 2021 was postponed and rescheduled to June 13, 2021. Moreover, this postponement was due to a clash of CLAT and CBSE Board Exams.
January 1, 2021: The application form for CLAT PG was released on January 1, 2021. Students can enroll for examination still March 31, 2021.
What is the Pattern for CLAT PG?
The CLAT-PG 2021 Exam consists of 150 marks objective questions. You should always go through the exam pattern before appearing and preparing for CLAT-PG. Additional information about the exam is given in the table below:

Total Marks


Duration of Examination

2 hours

Mode of Examination


Type of Questions


Marking Scheme

Positive 1 mark for each correct answer,

Negative 0.25 mark for every wrong answer.

Marks Distribution Table
Subject Areas




Subjective Questions (There will be 2 Essay type questions each of 25 marks and you have to write 800 words per Essay type question)

50 (2 questions each of 25 marks. 2 x 25=50 marks)

Preparation Tips for CLAT-PG
If you are a CLAT-PG aspirant you might be tensed about the upcoming June 2021 Examination. Now, to know some of the amazing tips for preparing for CLAT-PG you got to the right page. Moreover, it is a test of critical reading with analytical skills that might not require prior knowledge but severe dedication. If you apply a great amount of hard work in the right direction you can crack the CLAT-PG examination. Here are some tips that you should consider for better learning:

Check previous year’s CLAT question Paper: As there was a change in the pattern of paper you should just go through the last year’s paper as others won’t benefit you much. Moreover, you should try and solve the paper in order to know where you stand and how much effort you need to put into the preparation. Furthermore, you should analyze your mistakes by knowing your paper performance to know your position. In addition to that, you can also know what are your strengths in all subjects and weaknesses. You can work on your weaknesses in order to earn perfection and turn your weakness into a strength.
Focus more on the CLAT important topics: If we be realistic, our first focus should be to cover all the important topics of CLAT. The skills of reading and analytics are developed in the long period of education in colleges and schools. If you just got the last one or two months before the commencement of examination that’s nothing really you could do if you have not even started. You can never cover the whole syllabus in just two months or so. You need regular practice and learning for better understanding.
Start reading newspapers and other knowledge sources: You should start reading newspapers and informative articles as a good habit. Also, that will help for clearing the CLAT PG as it is the most important part of the preparation. Moreover, you need to read a good newspaper in English every day to polish your knowledge.
Go through the exam pattern and the syllabus: If you want to understand what the CLAT examination exactly is you should go through the paper pattern and syllabus quickly. Moreover, it will help you to understand some important parts like test structure, types of questions that can be asked, and marking scheme. No matter how well you are prepared for the examination you should always know these patterns and syllabus.
Pace up the preparation: Now you have a small period left before appearing for the examination and you need to speed up the preparation in order to be well versed till the exam day. Moreover, try to read for more than 10 hours in order to get back into the competition if you are left with a lot of portion before a month of exam. In addition to that, you need to go through fast and not stop for a long period on a single topic. On contrary, you need to spend a lot of time on important topics/sections like General Knowledge, current affairs, and legal aptitude.
Solve mock tests and sample papers: If you genuinely want to know your performance give mocks as it is the best study material you can have. A practice-based approach is way better than just mugging up the whole book. A practice-based approach will surely boost your confidence if you do well you will be happy with how far you’ve reached. But if you don’t score well in mocks it does not mean the end you can still put a lot of effort into the preparation till the exam day.
Believe in yourself & Be confident but not overconfident: A competitive exam like CLAT-PG can often make you doubt yourself but all you got to do is believe in yourself. Have faith in your efforts and be confident enough to answer even the hardest question. But if you see some easy questions don’t be overconfident be calm and solve with full attention and focus.

To sum it up we would like to summarize the whole article in a way you can understand seamlessly. Firstly, know the paper pattern and syllabus which will help you to know the important topics. Give extra focus to important topics and give mocks. Read daily, pace up with the preparation and try to be calm and confident while giving the exam. In the end, remember a great saying by Christopher Robin – “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”