Down Payment: An Easy Tool to save Money on Car Financing

When you buy a vehicle, you primarily think about the type, design, and functions but often forget about auto financing. One of the most important aspects of auto financing is down payment. A down payment amount is the upfront amount that you pay to a dealer.

Save enough when you start planning your car purchase so that you can use it to make a down payment. There are many benefits to making a down payment. If you can save for a down payment without severely affecting your lifestyle, it is a wise decision. Pay an upfront amount to the dealer to reduce the auto loan amount.

Down Payment: How Saving Money Now for your New Car will help you?

Start by making savings that you can towards a hefty down payment. It will help you in securing a cost-effective car deal and affordable auto loan. There are different ways in which you can save in the future by making a down payment now.

1. Save Money by getting Low Interest Rates

The interest rate of your auto loan depends on your credit score and your total loan amount. When you make a down payment of 20% or more, you save as the lender will charge an interest rate lower than what he/she offers to people who do not make a down payment.

Remember, you can end up paying a lot more interest if the lender does not trust your financials. The way to obtain more creditworthiness in the lender’s eyes is to put 20% or more towards a down payment.

2. Save Money by avoiding Negative Equity

Your automobile starts depreciating the moment you drive it off the dealership. Sometimes, the value can drop faster than the pace at which you repay the auto loan. It can lead to an upside-down auto loan or create negative equity. A down payment is a great way to delay the situation of negative equity on your new car. Therefore, making a down payment is one of the most effective ways to save by avoiding negative equity.

3. Save Money Through Low Monthly Payments

A short-term auto loan is ideal when the monthly payments are affordable. When you make a down payment, you are reducing the total amount of the auto loan. Your income minus the expenses and savings is the amount that you can put for your monthly payments. Therefore, it is a good idea to make a down payment now. So, you can save through low monthly payments in the future. You can utilize the surplus money towards other necessities.

What to do when you cannot make a Down Payment?

The benefits of a down payment are plenty. Therefore, when you go out to purchase your next car, shop around, get pre-approved for an auto loan but most importantly, make a down payment to enjoy financial freedom in the future.

However, there are situations when you cannot make a down payment. Do not worry. You can apply for no down payment auto loans. Sure, the auto loan amount will be high as you are avoiding the upfront loan amount, but it will ensure that you get to own a car in no time.

To ensure low-interest rates and affordable monthly payments on your auto loan, make sure you work with an experienced subprime lender who will help you get pre-approved car financing even when you have a bad credit score.

3 Car Insurance Add-Ons That Can Be Helpful During the Monsoons

The arrival of the monsoons brings much-needed respite from the heat of the months gone by. Yet, the mucky roads and low visibility can spell trouble for motorists who are not careful. Trends show that road accidents peak during wet weather months. Now, you might drive carefully and maintain your vehicle in preparation for the rains but all it takes is one careless motorist driving with bald tyres to turn things awry.

So, what can you do to stay protected in such situations?

The answer lies in having comprehensive car insurance. This type of coverage for your vehicle will help safeguard you from such uncertainties that can lead to major financial loss. Now, while it is important to opt in for a good insurance plan, one must remember that the coverage has certain limitations. However, you can easily overcome these limitations by choosing add-ons to complement your plan. With that in mind, here are 3 car insurance add-ons that can be helpful during the monsoons.

Roadside assistance
This add-on ensures that your vehicle gets a tow to the nearest authorized service center. The driver of the vehicle and passengers get a ride too in a cab arranged by the insurance provider. Moreover, this add-on may also offer benefits such as fuel delivery in an emergency and flat tyre servicing. These benefits are truly worth their weight in gold as you would not want to be stranded in the heavy rains in the event of a mishap or vehicle breakdown.

Consumables cover
When your car goes for repairs arising from an accident, the consumables do not get covered under your claim. Consumables include things like oils (engine oil, break oil, etc.), nuts and bolts, screws, gas for vehicle air conditioner, and vehicle lubricants, among others. These items can run up a pretty high cost that could take a chunk out of your savings. So, be wise and include the consumables cover add-on in your car insurance policy.

Engine protection cover
Floods can lead to your car getting submerged in water. This in turn can damage your vehicle engine and leave it in need of repairs. Now, most people are not aware that engine repairs are not covered under a comprehensive car insurance policy. Therefore, you need to add engine protection cover to your base plan. This add-on is especially important if you live in a city / area that is prone to regular flooding and waterlogging. The extra protection this add-on brings will ensure that the cost of engine parts like the pistons, cylinders, and gearbox do not come out of your own pocket.

Having a basic car insurance is mandatory for all vehicle owners in India. However, it does make sense to upgrade to a comprehensive plan that offers better coverage. When buying car insurance, make sure to read the policy terms and conditions well so that you have all the details in place before paying your premium. We hope this article will help you out. Drive safe.

Best Factoring Loan Services for Your Financial Needs

What is Factoring Loans?

Invoice factoring is a financial transaction in which a business sells its invoice to a third party called a factor at a discounted price. This is collateral under the agreement that the loan will be paid back. However, the legal ownership of the invoices is still with the business owner.
How does Factoring works?

The various steps involved in the working of invoice factoring are:
Your company submits correct invoices and provides their goods or services to larger creditworthy customers.
The company is needed to be paid sooner than the agreed terms.
According to the factoring agreement, you sell your unpaid invoices to the invoice factoring company.
The factoring company verifies the invoices and receives up to 90% of the invoice amount.
As soon as verification is completed, the amount will be credited to you within 24 hours.
The larger creditworthy customers pay directly to the factoring company and the factoring company pays it back to your company minus the fee.
What are the benefits of Factoring Loans?

Given below are the list of reasons that make factoring loans beneficial.

Approval of factoring loans is very easy and saves the time spent in going through paper works, business plans and financial statements.
There is no stipulation with factoring and you can use the cash for your business as you like.
Factoring does not create debt as long as the factored invoices are paid.
This process positively influences the balance sheet ratios.
What makes Metro Business Solutions & Finance Corp. the best option for everyone?

The Metro Business Solutions & Finance Corp. are the finest factoring loan broker in New Jersey. They look after their customers by providing them assistance throughout the process. Their specialists and sure instant approval of loans and documents. This company is best for all business enterprises looking for instant funding to boost their businesses. Some other benefits they provide to their customers are:

The process is very quick and simple and the application of loan is conducted online.
Execution of the loan agreement is conducted digitally and is at the comfort of your doorstep.
Once the verification step is completed, loans are funded within 24 hours.
Complete transparency is maintained.
Visual dashboard where you can track your transactions.
They respect the customer’s privacy and do not reveal personal information about the customers. They make sure that no personal data is misused.
Loans are funded only by the screened investors.
Factoring loans will help you boost your company instantly. The entire process of borrowing is very simple and easy. If you are looking for a factoring loan broker in New Jersey then Metro Business Solutions & Finance Corp is the best option for you. They offer you exclusive benefits that you will not find elsewhere.

From where can you get the best sports motivational speakers?

On the off chance that you have a little office or are arranging a couple of appearances, you can be on the rundown when the speaker is free for a show. You may likewise need to clarify why it would be a smart thought to have a representative for your association. You can design a shown commitment by reaching the getting sorted out the association, and the association educates the public that the speaker is accessible for conversations with various gatherings. This post has been refreshed to remember data for how to book speaker commitment, arrange public talking charges, and bring in cash as an expert speaker.

The games and experience speakers transform hindrances into bits of knowledge that survive and eventually accomplish what others have just longed for. Our sports motivational speakers come from an assortment of fields, including sports and business, so you can track down the most ideal approach to get your staff and schools, mentors, mentors, and coaches out. This well-known inspirational orator can cover everything from seeking after your fantasies to business achievement, discovering your objective, creating fortitude, building solid propensities, and building more grounded propensities, to making an uplifting perspective.

Bringing the star of a popular game to your school and offering staff and understudies the same chance to defeat difficulty is an ideal method to spur them, as it imparts a profoundly alluring hard-working attitude for what’s to come. Powerful orators don’t have to finish a particular course or preparing a project to get ready for their professions, yet they do have to can share a one-of-a-kind point of view and connect with a crowd of people. These expert speakers enormously affect society by empowering individuals with information and abilities to make individual and expert progress.

Our Leadership Speakers, the best helper to raise spirit and inspiration in political region
Even though it is achievable to give in-house readiness to the specialists, a better philosophy is than select the help of a driven speaker. Not solely do these energizing speakers have a huge load of association working in express organizations yet moreover they are seen as subject trained professionals. Human resource improvement drives for the key management to the accomplishment of any association. Our Leadership Speakers help to raise soul and motivation and redesign productivity.

The truth remains that a considerable number of individuals go through all in all an extended period of time doing moreover throughout the day consistently which can be debilitating unquestionably. Thusly, your delegates will be eager about checking out them and joining their proposals and tips in their work lives. Regardless, it is nonsensical to reliably criticize your delegates for this adjustment of attitude.

Regardless of the amount you confide in somebody who eludes you to a likely speaker, you should meet with them and hear them talk. On the off chance that you wish, you ought to request that individuals talk on a particular point or leave the subject of the laudation to the speaker. Our speakers can be recruited as unique visitors; others travel with a booked arrangement of talking commitment and convey discourses in a wide range of settings. A telephone call to examine the subjects is additionally booked before the occasion. Our Religious Speakers for speaking engagements can be engaged with leading meetings when chipping away at an all-around pitched subject.

We have a wide scope of strict speakers, including the individuals who realize how to get the best out of their understudies while underscoring the significance of self-awareness, self-improvement, and self-awareness. Our speakers are the absolute generally sought-after persuasive orator, mentors, mentors, and speakers on the planet. They are likewise a top-rated creator, marking masters, inspirational orators, mentors, coaches, speakers, and business people.

For any more information on Religious Speakers for speaking engagements, click here speaker booking agency for clear notification.

Living life in a High Rise Multi- dimensional society

Life when it began for human beings was difficult as they had limited means to live in large societies. Every person had to manage life in its intricacies by themselves. But life at that time though difficult was also very simple. There was no pressure of any sort. Necessities were simple. An animal skin to cover the body because of the weather conditions, enough food in the neighborhood so that you could hunt for food and a place nearby to spend the night in in case of weather extremes like heat, rain, snow and cold.

Gradually man realized the advantages of living life in a society. People started to understand that living life in a society was comparatively easier than going through it alone. Villages came up and then gradually cities and life became easier in one sense and more complicated in another sense.

Modern life has come full cycle. People are living in crowded cities and are trying to find their own havens of peace and fortitude. There was a period when people used to build their homes in a place where they could grow their own food and also be near enough to other people who could alleviate their loneliness and also help out in case of emergencies like sickness or natural difficulties and calamities. Now since the populations of the cities have increased many-fold you can sense a change in the thinking of the humans in general.

Since the cities have become overcrowded people have started in terms of wanting to live in places where the surrounding societies are large but still not that big as to intimidate them with the numbers.

With land getting scarcer in the cities due to them becoming overcrowded a new trend has emerged in the housing sector. The rise of the so-called High-Rise residential communities. The twenty first century has seen the prolific rise of High-rise residential accommodation in India. In the western countries this had existed for many decades.

As the real estate prices went up so too did the height of the buildings. IN India Mumbai is the city with the maximum number of tall residential buildings with the tallest being 78 floors.

What is life like living in such a high-rise society?

Living in such high-rise societies is a new phenomenon in India. What is life like in such a society and what are its advantages?

Well to put it simply life can maybe be very attractive or very confusing. When we are living in such a society it has certain advantages.

Life becomes secure because most of these buildings are built in closed societies with wide spread and elaborate security arrangements through out the compounds. You will rarely find thefts being committed in high rise societies with proper security arrangements.
More social life is possible because of so many people living in closed space it is very much possible to find friends with same interests and inherent natures so as to build strong friendships.
More social life as combined communities tend to celebrate festivals together
More acceptability of each other’s religions and cultures
Help can be available immediately in cases of emergencies.

A quick funding gold loan

A fund that needs a gold loan plays an important role for the simple reason because here you can have your money in quick time similar to a personal loan. A personal loan is where the money is provided based on credit score here based on credit score you will not have any effect on your gold loan. You can easily have a low-interest rate loan with you. In many cities people are preferring the PNB gold loan interest rate because of one simple reason i.e. they are offering EMI rates based on location and according to the research about the people and about their capabilities but going higher than limits is not the possibility here.

If you look at the personal loan people prefer it during the emergency need but in the gold loan you can choose it for any purpose and with multiple needs, you can have a loan in your hands easily. Everyone wants to have a high amount of loan and in quick time and if the purpose is to start something new at that time gold loan can be preferable because for at least 3 years your metal is safe. All you have to do is just follow the Gold Loan process as per the lender’s direction. When you are struggling with money needs, taking the help of a lender is not a big deal instead they can help you in how to survive with the loan.

Yes, there are advantages of each loan but having a gold loan is totally dependent on you and is like a freedom-based loan where you put something as collateral, and for that, you get 75% of the money in hand and that gold will be in high-security safety for 3 years, so you don’t need to worry about your gold. Most of the people require money after the covid situations and to start some work they need money which can be possible easily through this money. And due to this interest rate is on the lower side which is offered by the lenders to the people. But be aware of what they are offering to you because every time low interest is not the only priority.

A gold loan process is not that complicated all you have to do is get the value of your gold and give the details to the lender so he will get to know the value of your gold and as per that he will do calculations and give you the estimation of what you will get in the form of money for your gold. Everything like gold carat and gold gram is required only then you can have a gold loan in the quick process otherwise you can’t have it. Only this process can take time because you have to tell the lender what is your gold quality. After having enough information about your metal then just visit the lender’s office and have your cash in your hand. Remember at least 75% you will get for your gold and some lenders can offer up to 90%.

Remember to choose the lowest interest rate loan first because you don’t have to pay extra for your own metal, all you have to do is do research first and try to get a loan from banks instead of NBFCs. Because NBFCs give high-interest rate loans to the people for a particular loan which is not the right thing to accept. Especially in the case of a gold loan where the interest rate is very low and lenders want to have a higher loan. Banks are business too so they want higher profit and borrowers want less to pay.

5 Notable Bitcoin Wallets For Secure Bitcoin Storage

As you might imagine, the security of your private key is essential, lest someone gains access to your wallet and spend all the Bitcoins you’ve mined or traded for.

Which wallet you choose depends on whether utmost security or increased convenience is more important, and it’s recommended that you don’t stick to one particular type of wallet.

Here is a list of wallets for secure Bitcoin storage.


Multibit is a lightweight programming wallet. Likewise, with most programming wallets, Multibit scrambles your private keys locally or on a USB stick.

One valuable normal for Multibit is that it doesn’t have to download the whole piece chain to get to, send and get reserves.

Multibit joins straightforwardly to the Bitcoin arrangement and downloads just a little piece of the square chain, making it quick to utilize.

Bitcoin core

Bitcoin center is the first Bitcoin wallet, initially created by Satoshi Nakamoto and persistently upgraded by the center Bitcoin advancement group.

While it doesn’t have the propelled elements of Armory or the social part of Hive, Bitcoin center is likely the most investigated and took a shot at wallet out there, settling on it a dependable decision.


Hive is a Bitcoin wallet focused on new clients with some intriguing elements. For one, Hive has a texting-style interface that gives you a chance to send and get Bitcoins rapidly and effortlessly.

It likewise has an incorporated application stage and accompanies some implicit applications that give you simple access to a portion of the more famous Bitcoin-related administrations accessible.


Electrum is another lightweight Bitcoin wallet in the vein of Multibit. Electrum underpins deterministic wallets or produces various wallets from one seed.

It likewise gives you a chance to sign and make exchanges disconnected from the net and fare what it calls a root public key, which lets perfect applications screen your wallet. You can likewise import and fare private keys from other Bitcoin wallets.


Armory is a standout amongst the most secured and featured programming Bitcoin wallets accessible today? Ordnance offers three distinctive client modes- standard progressed and designer.

Some of its security components incorporate a graphical console to ensure against keyloggers, support for deterministic wallets, disconnected from the net exchanges, and broad cool stockpiling alternatives, including divided paper wallets.

Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator: Calculate your Brokerage

Sharekhan brokerage calculator is a free tool or calculator to calculate your brokerage and charges, which include, unlike others, stamp duty also while showing results. Usually, other competitors are missing or not have stamp duty while calculating results.

This Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator will assist you with discovering the real business charges of Sharekhan. You can figure financier for all resource classes like Equity Intraday, Equity Delivery, Equity Futures, Equity Options, Currency Futures, Currency Options and Commodity. Alongside Brokerage charges, it will likewise give you nitty gritty comprehension of different charges like exchange charges, STT, Stamp Duty for each State, SEBI turnover charges, GST and Transaction Charges. Simply give your Buy and Sell subtleties and you are totally done.

Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator not just tells you the amount of charge you need to pay, yet in addition gives you the specific sum you should pay, on per exchange premise. Moving beyond your speculation methodologies may be a genuine test when you really gaze upward to actualizing the equivalent.

The costs you need to cater now and again, don’t coordinate, particularly if the rates are not known. Along these lines, here is the general charge situation through Sharekhan Calculator.

Sharekhan Delivery Brokerage Calculator

Conveyance exchanging is general and standard. To contribute with it, you need to pay a financier charge of 0.50%. Allow us to take a model and comprehend the charges all around ok.

Models are consistently a superior method of comprehension. Here is taking care of up with the bits of knowledge of the Sharekhan Delivery Brokerage Calculator. Purchase 920 portions of an organization at Rs.33 and sell them later on at Rs.50. In the interim the 0.50% charges you will bring about would be Rs.381.800 , with a turnover of Rs.76360 .

Sharekhan Intraday Brokerage Calculator

For an informal investor, benefits matter a misfortune, and exchanges should be attempted as per the financier charge.

This is to guarantee important benefits are caused as opposed to paying an immense extent towards financier. The Sharekhan Intraday Brokerage Calculator, would help the customer on such a record.

Intraday charges are quite low to be exact, and with the Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator it is not difficult to drive.

Enter the figures according to your desire, while we accept an individual purchased 400 portions of Rs.20 each and sells them at Rs.31. the charges of 0.10% would represent Rs.20.400 for the general turnover.

Sharekhan Option Brokerage Calculator

Sharekhan Option subsidiary financial specialists had the opportunity to pay a financier on a for every part premise. Along these lines, for all the parcels a financial specialist buys, he needs to pay Rs.100 per Lot, which can likewise be determined utilizing the Sharekhan Option Brokerage Calculator.

Allow us to accept you purchased 6 of alternative parcels, at all cost, and you wish to sell them at a more exorbitant cost. Along these lines, for each part you sell, you can look at the charge from the Sharekhan Brokerage Calculator, which would be Rs.600, according to the model.

Availing of a Personal Loan with a co-applicant

Since a personal loan is not inherently secure, i.e. it is not supported by collateral, lenders can support the decision to accept or reject based on your credit number and salary, both factors consider equality.

You know that the need for debt can arise at any time in life without allowing for the convenience of saving or planning. How can you handle such situations when you need to borrow money and suffer from bad credit or low income? The answer to this question would be to borrow from the applicant.

Who do we call a co-applicant?

A co-applicant is also a person who takes responsibility for a Standard Chartered Bank personal loan with you. Co-application is common when it comes to home loans, where spouses are the most popular combination of co-application. This feature is now being extended with personal loans by other banks and financial institutions.

Who can be a co-applicant?

Spouse, parents, or siblings can be your Loan Partner Loans. In the case of a home loan, only certain combinations such as a parent’s son, siblings, unmarried daughter/father/mother are allowed without a regular loan application from a partner. However, since a personal loan does not involve a joint venture or a guaranteed business (House, Gold, Car, etc.), other combinations may also be allowed to apply jointly. This will also depend on the rules, regulations, and procedures of your bank / financial institution.

How Can a Co-Application Help?

In the case of a joint application, the income of both applicants is covered by a single loan, this makes you fall under personal loan eligibility for a larger loan that may meet your needs. Or it may make you eligible for a loan that you may find difficult to accept on a single income. The same is true with your credit score. If you have low credit scores, then an applicant with good credit scores can help you with your loan approval as an integrated score can help you. Besides, the loan repayment remains with both applicants, so you can effectively split the payment obligation so that one person is not taxed for the entire EMI fee.

What Are the Challenges Involved in Finding a Co-Applicant for your loan?

Finding a co-applicant: Not everyone can be lucky enough to find a co-applicant who earns and has a good credit score. Your parents may be ready to apply, but if they are retired or have no (good) credit score, the whole purpose of having them as an applicant can be defeated.

Additional Documents: In the event of joint use of personal loans, the documentation requirements will include the same set of documents from both applicants who are responsible for preparing the required documents.

Loan Payment Agreement: The applicant is also equally responsible for the immediate repayment of the loan and their credit points are at risk if anything goes wrong from the end of the applicant. If the applicant also does not want to participate in the repayment of the loan and has no say in the use of the loan, it may be your sole responsibility to cancel the loan. In situations like these, it may be difficult to reach an agreement.

Process May Be Delayed: Personal loans are known to be issued immediately. However, when 2 applicants are involved, the consideration of additional documents may delay the loan process.

Not All Banks / Financial Institutions Provide Joint Loans: Not all banks or financial institutions offer individual loans collectively. If you have a good relationship with your bank, you can ask them to allow you to apply for a personal loan in a shared mode.

Angel Broking Brokerage Calculator

You need to pay extra when you need extra in life. The line goes for centuries that everything comes at a price and thus, that extra amount here is the brokerage you pay to a broker for any particular transaction you make. While human error is something we all are aware about, we have relied on the computer intelligence for years now and are progressing. For those manual mistakes, we have incorporated new techniques to solve any issue and make it easier for the investors. The brokerage calculator is one such device but there are several alternatives to this in the market. Today, we are going to analyse the brokerage calculator of Angel Broking, one of the largest full service broker in the market.

What is a Brokerage Calculator?

In plain terms, a brokerage calculator helps you to calculate accurate information about the brokerage charge on any type of services without any hidden terms and conditions which becomes problematic for investors at various stages. You tend to have an edge when you use such a calculator as it compares the costing of the competitors and also helps you to execute any trade because when you know how much you are going to pay and how you are going to earn, you can make a smart and rational choice of investing. It gives you the brokerage for all asset classes like:

Equity Intraday
Equity futures
Equity Options
Equity Delivery
Currency Futures
Currency Options
The calculator also calculates the other charges for you which helps you to get a bigger picture of your trade.

How does Angel Broking Calculator Works?

The process to calculate the brokerage is very simple:

Step 1 – Insert the buy price, sell price and the number of shares

Step 2 – Put the lot size (in case of options) and the state (for stamp duty) and hit the calculate button

This will give you the angel broking charges, transaction charges, STT charges, SEBI turnover charges and GST and also the actual profit or loss incurred in the process. Using it is pretty seamless and it makes your profit making strategies looks good. Check out the Angel Broking Brokerage calculator

Is it better than the other calculators?

Even every calculator has its own perks, Angle broking has some specified advantages using their calculator:

Accuracy – Clear cut information
Price point competitiveness – Easy price comparison for you
Time effectiveness – You can learn about the charge before the trade
A final thought

Though there are a lot of options, Angel Broking Brokerage Calculator tells you all the charges involved along with the hidden charges which any stock broker might not reveal. This gives you a clear picture of all the expenses you have to make. The variety of options of calculation present also serves as an added factor giving the complete details of their plans. Angel Broking charge low brokerage and is known to function pretty well so if you are planning to trade, this might be the right place for you.